It’s a small ritschi in a big… … Japan

This is the travel journal (yes, I dislike the word blog…) where I go on and on and on about my exciting time in Japan. Let’s see how long I manage to keep this up, as I am writing this it’s day two. If you are looking for less bla and more pretty pictures, check out the Japan photo gallery.

Most recent entries:


Arrival and first impressions

Read here about my first few days in Japan!

I ❤️ 京都

Yes, I guess I’m in the famous honeymoon phase of moving to a new country 😀

Read here about how I’m doing.

Softball with the Shirakawa laboratory!

Hi guys, it’s been a while, but I’ve finally managed to finalise the entry about last weeks softball tournament, in which the Shirakawa laboratory (including a rather confused Austrian player) placed second – woot, woot!

I order random things a restaurants…

… read here about how this works out for me.

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