And they lived happily ever after…

– or – of English romanticism vs German realism It is early September, and since my last update I have left Japan to return to Europe. This being 2020, I had to sign a document at the border that I am aware I will likely not be permitted re-entry due to a general, Covid-induced foreigner’s„And they lived happily ever after…“ weiterlesen

Fun things apart(ment)

Anecdotes about the housing aspect of living in Japan (A totally biased, one-data-point extrapolation, but we seem to be living in times where this is totally acceptable). So, already in my very first post I mentioned my little apartment, which I quickly felt super comfortable in. While I never really considered living alone anywhere before,„Fun things apart(ment)“ weiterlesen

Work, work, work, work, work …

… in a Japanese lab. My previous posts were all about how life is different here in Japan, so how about thing that are actually the same for a change? It’s hugely satisfying to experience that you can fly half way across the world, and that everyday work in an (un-)structural biology lab is more„Work, work, work, work, work …“ weiterlesen

I order random things in restaurants…

… and it usually turns out great. We have all seen pictures of the famous plastic food displays or photo menus in Japanese restaurants, right? Those are tremendously helpful for the Japanese beginner’s level food experience. Well guess what, small restaurants in the outskirts of the city often won’t have them. Instead the menu looks„I order random things in restaurants…“ weiterlesen

ソフトボール with the 白川 team!

12.03.2020 Baseball is without a doubt one of the most popular professional sports in Japan. It thus is no surprise that baseball and ソフトボール==softball (for non sports people like me: a variant of baseball with a smaller field, larger ball and some small differences in rules) are also popular as free time activities. Well, and„ソフトボール with the 白川 team!“ weiterlesen